The LinkedIn Influencer Academy by Houston Golden

Master the Lucrative Art of LinkedIn Lead Generation

BAMF Academy is the most comprehensive LinkedIn lead generation training on the planet — get armed with battle-tested tools to get qualified ready-to-close leads on autopilot.

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Fast-Track Your Lead Generation on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to leverage the power of LinkedIn to bring you more business, you’ve come to the right place.
Inside the Academy, you’ll learn.. 
  • How to consistently grow your lead pipeline on LinkedIn
  • How to create an irresistible LinkedIn profile to attract buyers
  • ​How to effortlessly turn dozens of prospects into closed deals
  • ​And so much more!

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The LinkedIn Influencer Academy

By Houston Golden of BAMF Media
The LinkedIn Influencer Academy

The One-Stop-Shop for All Things LinkedIn

The best way to dominate LinkedIn is with the help of the LinkedIn Influencer Academy.
Enroll now to gain instant access to:
All Our Books & Resources ― Over 1000+ written pages of step-by-step LinkedIn growth hacking training.

Industry Expert Strategies ― Developed by the entrepreneurs behind some of the world's fastest-growing companies.
Live Q&A Sessions — Learn all about growth hacking, marketing, and scaling your business on LinkedIn.

So you might be wondering...

Who is the LinkedIn Influencer Academy for?

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Whether you took the leap yesterday or have been in business for a decade… our Academy will guide you through LinkedIn growth step-by-step. Master the art of lead generation and recession-proof your business.

Business Executives

If you've been dreaming of dominating the LinkedIn space, look no further than the Academy. We'll give you the upper hand you need to crush the competition and drive more conversations and sales with your dream prospects.

Anyone That Needs Outreach

Marketers, sales professionals, recruiters, freelancers, coaches, consultants… and anyone else who relies on their personal brand to grow their network and build meaningful business relationships.

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With the Influencer Academy, you'll have access to every book we've ever published (we’ve written a lot of books, so you’re in for a treat!)


“We’ve been working with big ad agencies and witty digital marketers for the last 4 years. So far, BAMF is the only group that’s driven ROI in digital marketing for us.

Nick Black

Stratagems From The Best Marketers On The Planet

BAMF Academy is a full-course training system designed to supercharge your growth — walking you through how to get more qualified leads on autopilot, without the pains of trial and error. Learn from the best of the best.

Lead Gen Training You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Try us — we guarantee you can’t find this kind of training anywhere else. This is the ultimate LinkedIn training library. Learn the same techniques power players use to explode their businesses with an almost infinite amount of qualified ready-to-close leads.

The Ultimate Revenue Driving Machine

This stuff really works. We’ve personally tested these LinkedIn growth hacks and lead generation techniques on hundreds of businesses, including our own. We drive results that matter — more qualified leads, more sales, and more business growth.

What’s All Inside The LinkedIn Influencer Academy?

Check out the Full Syllabus for the LinkedIn Influencer Academy:


Part 1

Advanced Profile Optimization

  • Laying Your Foundations
  • ​How to Optimize Your About Summary
  • ​LinkedIn Post Inspector - Custom Profile Link Images
  • ​How to Optimize Your Work Experience
  • ​How to Optimize the Below-the-Fold Sections
  • ​How to Customize Your Profile URL
  • ​LinkedIn Profile Optimization Bonus Sections
  • ​Before / After Profile Walkthroughs

Learn the best practices for your LinkedIn Profile

In this module, we lay out your foundation—your profile.
  • Laying Your Foundations
  • ​How to Optimize Your Profile 
  • ​How to Optimize Your Summary

Part 2

How to Build a Targeted Audience

  • What It Means to Be An Influencer
  • ​How to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • ​A Sample Ideal Customer Profile Persona
  • ​Top Performing Fill-in-the-Blank Connection Message Templates
  • ​B2B Lead Generation Outreach Connection Message Templates
  • ​Investor Outreach Connection Message Templates
  • ​Final Thoughts on Building Your LinkedIn Audience

Master the art of creating profitable audiences on LinkedIn

In this module, we build your money maker - your audience.
  • Laying Your Foundations
  • ​How to Optimize Your Profile 
  • ​How to Optimize Your Summary

Part 3

Creating Authentic & Viral Content to Build Trust with Your Audience

  • The Difference Between Story Telling & Thought Leadership
  • ​The 5 Main Post Types We Use to Go Viral
  • ​Deep Dive into Post Types We Use In Our Program
  • ​How to Pick Topics for Your Viral Founder Story Posts
  • ​"The Hook & Hammer" Technique
  • ​LinkedIn Viral Founder Story Copywriting Best Practices

Our proven formula to put you in front of millions on LinkedIn

The more business owners see your content, the more money you make.
  • Laying Your Foundations
  • ​How to Optimize Your Profile 
  • ​How to Optimize Your Summary

Part 4

How to Translate Your Audience into a Sales Pipeline

  • ​How to Use Content to Attract Your Ideal Buyer
  • ​How to Transition Sales Off of LinkedIn
  • ​How to Target Potential Leads Interacting with Your Content
  • ​How to Use PhantomBuster to Scrape Post Engagers
  • ​How to Follow Up with email Sequences to LinkedIn Leads

Battle-tested lead generation secrets to scale your brand.

The more business owners see your content, the more money you make.
  • Laying Your Foundations
  • ​How to Optimize Your Profile 
  • ​How to Optimize Your Summary

With the LinkedIn Influencer Academy, you can quickly learn what experts are using now to grow massive companies on LinkedIn.

To achieve the best possible results, you should treat BAMF Training as a learning portal to learn the best growth strategies and tactics available today, and a community support group where you can test out ideas and get expert advice.
No results are promised or guaranteed. You apply the advice you take from the courses, content, and community at your own risk.
We’ve made every effort to accurately represent what this training program and the accompanying community has to offer, and the potential it has to help you grow your business, and your skills as a growth hacker.
We also work to ensure what’s shared in the group remains private, including the immediate cancellation of membership for anyone found to be sharing our resources outside of the community.

No more guessing, period. With the knowledge inside the LinkedIn Influencer Academy, you'll learn ALL of our trade secrets on how to generate qualified leads at scale.

Consider it an all-in-one learning portal, where you'll get access to the best LinkedIn growth strategies on the planet.
You’ll get a badass community support group combined with world-class growth mentors…
Sharing EVERYTHING they know about how to generate leads at scale.
All you need to do?
Apply the knowledge and become a LinkedIn badass.

Here's what you can expect after graduating from The LinkedIn Academy:

  • A clearly defined Customer Profile and Persona and an inbox flooding with your ideal customers
  • ​A proven content formula (and posting framework) designed to get you 1M+ views on your content
  • ​A step-by-step sales strategy to close opportunities and grow your revenue through LinkedIn
  • ​A sense of mastery and complete confidence in lead generation thanks to your new LinkedIn Superpowers

They know how to strike an emotional chord - my first post they wrote got 50x more views and engagement than anything I'd posted before. Highly recommend BAMF to any professional who wants to put rocket fuel on their personal brand or get press through LinkedIn.

Vishen Lakhiani

BAMF is a small but powerful team. When I needed a full service agency to launch my new brand, BEAR, and blow our crowdfunding campaign out of the water - one of my advisors recommended I get touch with Houston.

Max Baumann

The LinkedIn Influencer Academy is designed to supercharge your growth through proven strategies and tactics from the industry leads in growth.

  • We'll teach you our proven step-by-step process — the same stuff we've used to generate millions in new revenue for our clients.
  • ​Yep, we'll walk you through every single step until you know it like the back of your hand.
  • ​Learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn, like clockwork.
  • ​You'll also have access to our exclusive, private BAMF Academy community (a community of like-minded badasses) to talk shop with, network, and share advice.
  • ​Together, you'll learn insider tricks to help you grow in your LinkedIn journey
  • ​​Serious — we’ll give you everything.
  • ​​​Our books are jam-packed with hundreds of LinkedIn growth hacks, and we don’t hold anything back.
The LinkedIn Influencer Academy

Start generating more qualified leads on autopilot


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The LinkedIn Influencer Academy

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  • How to Generate and Convert LinkedIn Leads

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Total Value: $4,491

Get it today for only: $597

Stop making excuses, listen to Gary Vee and learn to master LinkedIn now.


“ They are at the forefront of growth marketing - especially with their LinkedIn Influencer program, which has been so disruptive to the platform. It's crazy to see how much traction they get for their clients on a consistent basis. “


Eric Sui

CEO, SingleGrain, MarketingSchool, & ClickFlow

Your Questions, Answered.

What does the LinkedIn Influencer Academy membership include?
Your membership gives you FULL unlimited access to all our best LinkedIn Growth resources and playbooks. The same exact frameworks we use here at BAMF to get our clients massive growth and following on LinkedIn. Our books are the foundation of the BAMF Academy, and they're all fully included in your membership as well.
You’ll also have access to our private community. It's filled with hundreds of badass marketers & founders to grow and learn from — some of the best growth hackers on the planet. Our course instructors are available to answer your questions within the group as well, and will be at your disposal to help get you past any roadblocks.
How long will my membership last?
Your LinkedIn Influencer Academy membership lasts a lifetime! As long as you’re enrolled, you’ll receive all the latest updates to our coursework. If any of our techniques change, you’ll be the first to know about it.
Will you add more coursework?
Yes! We're always working on creating new content in order to help you grow. Our goal is to perpetually add the latest and greatest growth hacks to the LinkedIn Influencer Academy for members to learn from. Since LinkedIn changes all the time we’re always keeping up to date on the latest best practices for fast growth, and will continually add more lessons and topics as necessary to keep you in the loop. 
What can I expect to learn in the LinkedIn Influencer Academy?
Inside, you’ll find the latest and most effective growth marketing strategies for LinkedIn. We’ll teach you advanced profile optimization. We'll show you how to use relatable (and predictably viral) content to connect with your target audience. Everything you need to know to become successful on LinkedIn, guaranteed.
I want my marketing team to have access to the LinkedIn Influencer Academy. Do you have enterprise deals?
We love helping enterprise companies level up their entire marketing team. Send us an email to and let us know how many members you’d like on your account and we’ll make that happen for you.
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