The Premiere Done-For-You White Glove Growth Service

Become A Top LinkedIn Influencer 
Without Doing Any Work

Lead Generation and Thought Leadership on Autopilot

Become A Top LinkedIn Influencer 
Without Doing Any Work

Lead Generation and Thought Leadership on Autopilot

Learn how it works in 60 seconds:

We've helped over 100 clients generate over 350 million organic views on LinkedIn since 2017.


You have may have seen us in a few places.

A well-crafted LinkedIn profile can make a world of difference. We’ll position you as an industry leader with a polished presence so you can present yourself in the best light (and attract qualified ready-to-convert leads).
We’ll build your ideal audience with authentic conversations at scale. Every day, your profile will automagically (yes, it’s magic) send out at least 100 targeted and personalized messages to pre-screened prospects.
Your upgraded LinkedIn profile will start posting insightful content three times a week. We craft every post to position you as an industry influencer and attract inbound leads. We aim to get you at least 50,000 organic views each month.

Our team of growth managers and messaging specialists use the proprietary BAMF LinkedIn Management CRM system to track and respond to all viable leads with pre-approved messaging — you can jump in and take over any time.

How does our white-glove concierge service work?

Connecting to hyper-targeted prospects

We focus on starting conversations and connecting with the most viable prospects. Our outreach and post activity will build a reliable sales pipeline that can reliably convert new followers into new business.

Thought leadership through viral content

We’ll build your personal and professional brand on LinkedIn with hyper-tailored content. Over time, you’ll see massive growth in your LinkedIn visibility, and the quality of our content will keep funneling opportunities your way.

What makes our LinkedIn lead generation truly world-class?

It’s our proven process for generating and converting leads, of course.

Allowing us to help you tap into the minds of your prospects and make them act.

It breaks down like this:

So, we’ve all heard of “Inception”... right?

Seeding an idea so deeply in someone’s mind that they think they’ve come up with it on their own.

Sales Inception is like that, but better for your business.

Our Sales Inception process uses optimized LinkedIn content to entice your prospects to contact you first — and they’ll think it was their idea all along!

It’s the opposite of the typical desperate, annoying, spammy DMs and emails most businesses use to make contact with their prospects.

By leading with value and engaging LinkedIn users on their own terms, you’ll have people lining up to work with you before you make a single phone call.


Unlimited Leads On Autopilot 

Our outbound strategies have been tested on many thousands of real-life prospects over the years.
We aim to contact at least 1,000 new prospects that match your target profile per month.
Our clients often produce at least 20 (and often 35+) warm leads per month from our outreached connections.

90-day Influencer Program 

Our viral content framework creates a steady flow of inbound leads that closely resemble your target outbound prospect profile.
We know how to target and nurture a network of prospects ready to buy your stuff before you even offer it (yes, we’re that badass!) 

Many clients get over 100,000 views per month.

The Ultimate Growth Hack: 
The LinkedIn Influencer Program

We've all heard of going viral on social media. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn allows you to go viral to professionals only -- no grandmas here!

This allows us to reach a highly targeted audience at scale without paying a dollar on ads.

Real results

Target: "Investment Portfolio Manager"

What this could look like for you... 

We were connecting our client to target prospects with the title of 'Investment Portfolio Manager.'

At the same time, we also posted some seriously viral content, which got 1,000,000+ views.

As the chart shows, 6.5% of those over-a-million views were people with the exact title of 'Investment Portfolio Manager’

That’s ~65,000 views on his content from his exact target prospect.

Want millions of views  and thousands of leads by next year?
Of course you do.

Check out these results:


Within 90 days, you can get...

35+ niche-specific posts with thousands of views apiece
3X (or more) your post engagement, profile views, and incoming connection requests
2,500+ pre-screened new connections (at a ~30% acceptance rate)
Get yourself in front of Berkshire Hathaway, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and other household names...

😎 A badass, glowed up profile.

"When I first saw my newly optimized LinkedIn profile, my first thought was-- Is that me? That person looks like a legit influencer... The BAMF Team is Truly the Fab 5 of LinkedIn"

- Real Client Testimonial


🔥 Content delivered straight to your ideal prospects feeds.

Are you ready to go viral? Our content positions you as a thought leader in your niche, placing your brand in full view of millions. Our clients often reach a million views with one super-shareable post!

📅 Build Your Empire  

Everyone wants to get more leads with less work. We’ve made it our mission to deliver pre-qualified leads on autopilot to our clients, day after day. Make sure you’re ready to handle all the new deals coming your way!

We've helped our clients land calls with these big brands...

Automate your entire LinkedIn presence

Our LinkedIn Influencer Program is the full package, with lead generation and thought leadership to consistently grow a leads pipeline that never goes cold.

Become A LinkedIn Influencer Today

Let BAMF take the wheel and drive massive growth to your business.

Our clients say we are the best.

Checkout what some of the top entrpreneurs in the world had to say about our team at BAMF Media:
They are at the forefront of growth marketing-- especially with their LinkedIn Influencer program, which has been so disruptive to the platform. 

It's crazy to see how much traction they get for their clients on a consistent basis.

Eric Siu

CEO of Single Grain, MarketingSchool, & Clickflow
They know how to strike an emotional chord-- my first post they wrote got 50X more views and engagement than anything I'd posted before. Highly recommend BAMF to any professional who wants to put rocket fuel on their personal brand or get press through LinkedIn.

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO, Mindvalley
BAMF is the best digital agency / media company in the world. 

If you do not believe me then contact them and see for yourself. 

And, if you’re the competition, then start running for the hills…. they will crush you!

Steve O'Dell

Co-Founder & CEO, Tenzo Tea
We’ve been at this for 4 years, working with big ad agencies to really smart PhD digital marketers, and so far BAMF is the only group that’s driven ROI in digital marketing for us.

Growth hacking is a new industry and a new wave where they are the old hats.

Nick Black

Founder & CEO, Good United
BAMF is a small but powerful team.

When I needed a full-service agency to launch my new brand, BEAR, and blow our crowdfunding campaign out of the water-- one of my advisors recommend I get in touch with Houston.

Max Baumann

Founder & CEO, JustChill, BEAR, & Base Makers | BAMF Advisor
Houston has a very unique expertise. He has mastered lead generation, and uses unique and innovative techniques to do this. 

Would highly recommend him, if you need a lead generation / marketing guru.

Ron Miller

Chairman of the Board, StartEngine

Will you be our next success story?


Samantha Radocchia

Chronicled, Best Selling Author, Forbes 30U30

Michael Ellison

Founder & CEO of Codepath (Funded by Facebook)

Kyle McKiou

Dream Job Academy / Data Science Dream Job (103k+ LinkedIn Founders)

Nick Black

Founder & CEO of GoodUnited

Danielle Thompson

Founder & CEO of Dream Team

Lisa Wang

CEO of TheGLOW, Founder of SheWorx

Martha Mendizabal

Co-Founder of TecnoLatinX

Cody Musser

Co-Founder & COO of Jakt (aquired)

Jake Hare

Founder & CEO of Launchpeer

Ben Lee

Founder & CEO of Rootstrap (46k+ LinkedIn followers)

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder of Mindvalley, Keynote Speaker, NYTimes Best Selling Author

Ryan Rafols

Founder & CEO of Newchip & VC Investor

Our Promise



We’ll deliver three tailored status updates for your approval in advance of each week’s posting schedule. You can approve, reject, or modify anything until you’re satisfied.


We’ve generated over 50 million views for our clients in just the past 12 months. We were the first dedicated LinkedIn lead generation service on the market, and we’re still the best.


You won’t find cheap memes or recycled quotes here. Your content is written with your target audience in mind. When you lead with quality, it’s much easier to convince prospects to buy.


Our process dives deep into your distinct tone, voice, and writing style. Every post we write should look, sound, and act like you -- but once we’ve dialed in on an approach, you’ll be free to step back and leave LinkedIn to us. 


We’ve worked with clients from many industries, including tech, finance, marketing, media, food and beverage, human resources, nonprofits, and many more. 


Most LinkedIn users are lucky to get 500 views on a post if they never work with us. Our clients typically get 3X, 5X, 10X as many views on each post, and regularly pull in over 100,000 views per month on their LinkedIn content.
Dear Reader, 

With over 350 million organic views to date, our clients are the most viewed people on LinkedIn.

BAMF was able to grow into a multi-million dollar agency in a matter of months using an innovative approach to content creation and outbound prospecting that helped us go viral on LinkedIn and generate leads on autopilot. 

We’ve systematized our exact growth process and turned it into a service that transforms our clients into influencers and growth machines.

Houston Golden

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